Which Streaming Service is the Most Watched?

The verdict is in. Netflix is king. Analytics company comScore generated a report resulting that during the month of April, more people watched content on Netflix in the United States than YouTube, Amazon Video, and Hulu combined. Total over-the-top viewing hours for the month of April broke down as follows:

  • Netflix: 40%
  • YouTube: 18%
  • Hulu: 14%
  • Amazon Video: 7%

Most viewers used their Netflix service 12.3 out of the 30 days that are in the month of April.

Although Netflix had the most cumulative views, on average people only spent 1 hour and 40 minutes during each Netflix session. Comparably, Hulu viewers watched 2.9 hours per session, YouTube viewers watched 2.1 hours per average viewing, and Amazon Video users spent 2 hours watching content.

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