Warner Brothers Streaming Service Coming; Teams with Mindy Kaling

Like many other production companies, Warner Brothers is looking toward the long-term by developing their own over-the-top (OTT) service. WarnerMedia, a major division in AT&T, plans on using its thousands of hours-worth of content to create a subscription-based service. They also intend on producing original content. Let’s learn more about the WarnerMedia streaming service and their partnership with Mindy Kaling.

WarnerMedia Streaming Service Plan

Disney isn’t the only multimedia giant looking to start its own OTT service. After AT&T spent $84.5 billion acquiring Warner Brothers assets last year, they are looking to offset their debt by the end of this year. In their hopes to achieve this, they are looking at launching a beta version of the streaming service before the calendar flips to 2020.

WarnerMedia Streaming Subscription Tiers

WarnerMedia is looking to create a subscription service that comes with three different price point tiers.

As explained by AT&T Chairman and CEO, Randall L. Stephenson, the three price points will be broken down as followed:

First Tier – “Entry-Level, Movie-Focused Package.”

Second Tier – “A Premium Service with Original Programming and Blockbuster Movies”

Third Tier – “That Bundles Content from the First Two Plus an Extensive Library of WarnerMedia and Licensed Content.”

– Randall L. Stephenson

Typically, WarnerMedia entertainment is geared toward the movie-centric. Their core base consists of those who watch the following services:

  • HBO
  • Turner
  • Warner Brothers

However, WarnerMedia is looking to branch out. To pay back their high debt, they must reach outside of their wheel box and entice a new crop of eyes to their content.

WarnerMedia Plans for Future

It seems as if AT&T sees the writing on the wall for hefty subscription plans. They are trying to create a streaming platform that is a one-stop-shop for all tastes. The mass media company already has a huge base with Game of Thrones fanatics and nostalgic adults who binge-watch Animaniacs. However, the mass media communications company is looking beyond.

WarnerMedia CEO, John Stankey, told investors,

“We want to broaden the relevant demographic base. Our goal now is to open the aperture. We want to pick up more content and get more engagement on digital content.”

– WarnerMedia CEO, John Stankey

To achieve this, WarnerMedia has inked a substantial deal with comedian, producer, writer, actor, Mindy Kaling.

WarnerMedia Streaming Service and Mindy Kaling Partnership

Warner Brothers officially announced they have an inked a six-year exclusive deal with Mindy Kaling. Kaling recently completed her partnership with Hulu, as the series they picked up from network television, The Mindy Project, came to an end.

Now, The Office alum will work with the media company to write and develop content. In addition, she will star in some of the shows.

As per the press release:

“Under the terms of the pact, Kaling will develop, write and produce new television projects — including original comedy and drama series, longform/event series, unscripted programming, digital content and more — for all platforms, such as broadcast networks, premium/pay and basic cable channels, and streaming/on-demand outlets.”

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers value Kaling’s ability to adapt back and forth from network television to streaming services. They believe that to the tune of $8 million per year, the star can recoup some of the debt from their acquisition. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about the streaming service and content involving Mindy Kaling.

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