Want to Get Paid to Binge Watch TV?

Who doesn’t love watching TV for hours on end? Well, now you can get paid for it! That’s right. The Grandaddy of Binging, Netflix, is paying people to watch their shows one after another. Seeing as it’s two days into April and you’ve probably already watched everything coming to Netflix this month, then you might just be a prime candidate.

While Binger may be a good word to describe the position, it actually has a more scientific name–Editorial Analyst.

This job entails categorizing TV series, movies, and documentaries for Netflix subscribers. Through the job, your responsibility will be to tag, research, and compile metadata for all Netflix Originals in the company’s vault. That’s a lot of content as the company is looking to release up to two new releases each day through the rest of the calendar year.

So if you want to see Ryan Murphy, Shonda Rimes, and the Obamas’ work on Netflix first, this is the job to do it. To apply, do it through LinkedIn or send in an online application. We have no information on salary, so there’s no guarantee this will be the job to set you up for life.

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