Verizon’s SmartHub Changing the LTE Game

Internet speed can be an ongoing issue in many people’s lives. Streaming 4K quality television shows over sluggish broadband can lead to a buffering nightmare. Slow download rates can be killer for those who work-at-home. Verizon is offering a solution to those who only have one broadband option or none at all. Enter Verizon’s SmartHub

SmartHub is a 4G LTE router that uses Wi-Fi to offer unlimited cellular broadband to any household. The router itself is $199.99 off the bat. Otherwise, you can opt for a two-year contract at $99.99 per year. To get out of the contract, there is an early termination fee of $175.

From there, data plans start at $40 per month. This will give the owner 4GB of LTE data. Tiers of plans continue until you reach unlimited, which peaks at $110 a month. However, it is of note that you really will pay $130 a month for unlimited if you don’t bundle with other Verizon services.

This may all seem like a pricey endeavor, but it may be just the answer to those who have streaming woes. Tech website, Tom’s Guide, conducted a study and found that Verizon had the fastest LTE internet service in the United States, blowing away its competition in download times with an average speed of 36 Mbps down.


Verizon’s latest foray into the world of Wi-Fi also has the capabilities to make your home a smart home. In the company’s official press release on the SmartHub, they noted, “To make your smart home even smarter, download Verizon Home, a companion app for SmartHub that lets you conveniently monitor and control smart home accessories from your smartphone,” says the company’s release. “Get notifications and schedule routines like adjusting lights, setting thermostat temperatures and more, from your sofa or on the go.”

Other features of the SmartHub include an LED display on top of the unit that allows you quick access to information of common interest such as Wi-Fi passwords and data usage. The SmartHub also comes with a battery to combat power outages. Netflix and chilling during a stormy summer’s night has never been easier.

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