Verizon Launching Streaming Service Alongside 5G

As we have been following closely, 5G is on the horizon for 2018. With more cell towers going up and 141 markets already carrying 5G, this new speed of internet is almost here! Now, we have got word that Verizon will celebrate the arrival of 5G by launching their live streaming service simultaneously. Verizon plans to roll out the service in three to five markets by the end of the calendar year. This is being done in hopes to expand nationwide in 2019.

Verizon Chief Financial Officer, Matt Ellis, spoke on the matter,

“All of those markets will launch in the second half of this year. “You should expect to see spend in additional cities to be underway by the end of the year, so that we’re in a position to launch additional geographies in 2019. But that’s within our current capex guidance.”

While we don’t have many details, we can confirm that Sacramento, California is one of the areas in question.

Ellis continued on,

“We continue to look at OTT options, and as we’ve said previously, we’re not looking to launch a me-too product. But, certainly, we expect to have an overall product offering to consumers in those three to five markets that will be compelling and meet their needs.”

This isn’t a rash decision by the mass communications company. As Ellis implied, the company has been working on this plan for a long time,

“This really comes back to the design of the network over the past few years. By densifying the 4G network, we’ve put a lot of the infrastructure in place that we need to deploy 5G, especially by using millimeter-wave spectrum. So, we don’t see this as being a massive uptick [in capex]. This is not the same thing as when we adopted 4G and went from a CDMA-based 3G network to a 4G LTE network. This is a very different network rollout than we’ve seen in the capex going forward.”


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