Up-to-Date Revision of Every DIRECTV NOW Local Affiliate

Another day, a bunch more local affiliates. That seems to be the way for live television streaming services. As PlayStation Vue, DIRECTV NOW, Hulu, YouTubeTV and Sling TV all battle over who has the most local affiliates, it’s hard to keep track if a service is available in your area.

A lot has changed since we last shared every local affiliate available on DIRECTV NOW. The AT&T owned company has now toppled the 300 mark and continues to steamroll. Thanks to CordCutterNews, here’s a breakdown of every city that has DIRECTV NOW and which network affiliate is available.

Albany, NY X
Albuquerque, NM X X
Ames, IA X
Anchorage, AK X
Asheville, NC X X
Atlanta, GA X X X X X
Austin, TX X X
Baltimore, MD X X  X X
Bangor, ME X
Bend, OR X
Biloxi, MS X
Birmingham, AL X X
Boston, MA X X X X X
Bozeman, MT X
Brunswick, GA X X
Buffalo, NY X X
Butte, MT X
Charleston, WV X X X
Charlotte, NC X  X X X X
Chicago, IL X X X X X
Cincinnati, OH X X
Cleveland, OH X  X X X
Columbia, MO X
Columbus, MS X
Columbus, OH X X X
Dallas, TX X X X X X
Dayton, OH X X X
Daytona Beach, FL X X X X
Denver, CO X X X X
Des Moines, IA X
Detroit, MI X X X X X
Durham, NC X  X
El Centro, CA X
Eugene, OR X
Evansville, IN X
Fresno, CA X X
Ft. Lauderdale, FL X X X X
Ft. Myers, FL X X X
Ft. Pierce, FL X X
Ft. Worth, TX X X X X X
Gainsville, FL X
Grand Rapids, MI X X
Great Falls, MT X
Green Bay, WI X
Green, Bay, WI X X X
Greensboro, NC X X X X
Greensville, SC X X
Gulfport, MS X
Hagerstown, MD X X X X X
Harrisburg, PA X X
Hartford, CT X X
Honolulu, HI X
Houston, TX X X  X X X
Huntington, WV X X X
Hutchinson, KS X
Indianapolis, IN X X X
Jacksonville, FL X  X X
Jefferson City, MO X
Joplin, MO X
Juneau, AK X
Kalamazoo, MI X X
Kansas City, MO X  X X X
Knoxville, TN X
Lafeyette, LA X
Lancaster, PA X X
Las Vegas, NV X
Lexington, KY X X X X
Lima, OH X
Little Rock, AR X X
Los Angeles, CA X X X X X
Louisville, KY X X X
Melbourne, FL X X
Memphis, TN X
Miami, FL X X X X
Milwaukee, WI X X X
Minneapolis, MN X X X X X
Missoula, MT X
Mobile, AL X
Modesto, CA X X X X
Myrtle Beach, SC X
Naples, FL X X X
Nashville, TN  X X  X X
New Bedford, MA X
New Haven, CT X X
New Orleans, LA X X
New York, NY X X X X X
Newport News, VA X
Norfolk, VA X
Oakland, CA X X X X X
Oklahoma City, OK X X X
Orlando, FL X X X X
Palm Springs, CA X
Pensacola, FL X
Petersburg, VA X
Pheonix, AZ X  X X X X
Philadelphia, PA X X X X X
Pine Bluff, AR X X
Pittsburgh, PA X X  X X X
Portland, OR X X
Providence, RI X
Raleigh, NC X  X
Richmond, VA X
Roanoke, VA X X X
Sacramento, CA X X X X X
Salem, NC X X X X
Salt Lake City, UT X X
San Antonio, TX X X X
San Diego, CA X X X
San Francisco, CA X X X X X
San Jose, CA X X X X X
San Luis Obispo, CA X
Santa Barbra, CA X
Sante Fe, NM X X
Schenectady, NY X
Scranton, PA X
Seattle, WA X X  X X X
Spartanburg, SC X X
Springfield, MO X
St. Joseph, MO X
St. Louis, MO X X X X
St. Paul, MN X X X X X
St. Petersburg, FL X X X X
Stockton, CA X X X X
Tacoma, WA X X X
Tampa, FL X X X X
Troy, NY X
Tulsa, OK X X X X
Tupelo, MS X
Visalia, CA X
Visalla, CA X
Washington, DC X X X X X
West Palm Beach, FL X X
Wichita, KS  X X  X
Wilkes Barre, PA X
Winston, NC X X X X
Yuma, AZ X

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