Twitter Lashes Out On DIRECTV NOW

The hardest part about adapting to cutting the cord for streaming service is live streams. When too many people are logging in, it can cause servers to crash and buffering issues to flare up. Case in point, last Sunday’s Season 7 premiere for HBO’s hottest show, Game of Thrones. 

DIRECTV NOW experimenting with livestreaming such a highly anticipated event was a resounding fail. Errors popped up on HBO, and eventually other stations began to crash as well. Enraged subscribers took to social media to do what they do best, share their thoughts and feelings with DIRECTVNOW. And it wasn’t pretty…

To which, DIRECTVNOW started to tell people they can steam on the HBO Go App instead of their service.

That didn’t sit well with others…

Essentially, they ruined everything.

As we reported earlier this week, if you have Sling TV, you can watch Game of Thrones through their service for free this weekend through Monday.

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