“True Cloud DVR” Coming to DIRECTV NOW Subscribers

Cloud DVRs are increasingly in-demand for today’s television viewer. Everyone would love to be able to access their favorite shows wherever they are and whenever they want. A billing e-mail sent out by live-streaming service, DIRECTV NOW, dropped a serious hint that this may be a possibility for cord-cutters.

Since it is unavailable, this customer was charged on their renewal nothing for what they are calling, “True Cloud DVR.”

What this means exactly, we are unsure. Will everyone be getting this service at no charge? Maybe it’s free if you get a higher tier package? Perhaps everyone will get charged and this was a marketing faux paus.

Right now, DIRECTV DVR is in the beta stages of their rollout. Those in the market who are benefiting from this service receive 100 hours of storage. When this rolls out to a national level, there are discussions of more storage allotment at an additional cost.

As things get sorted we out, we will be sure to keep you updated. Are you excited about the idea of DIRECTV NOW issuing a “True Cloud DVR?” Let us know below!



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