The Skinny on YouTube TV

YouTube TV has become available in almost 50 percent of the United States. At $35 a month, subscribers are allowed access to almost 50 popular cable television and sports channels.

Now that the rollout is picking out momentum, let’s look at some of the features that comes with streaming YouTube TV.

The Channels

What makes YouTube TV so affordable is that this bundle does not include a lot of costly contracts. You will notice omitted from above is channels from Discovery Communications (Animal Planet, Discovery), Scripps Network (The Food Network, HGTV), Turner (CNN, TBS, TNT), and Viacom (BET, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1). They also don’t include pricey sports channels such as NFL Network or NBA TV.

However, they have the bulk of what makes cable packages in general expensive in the first place, a ton of ESPN related content. You can also add on Showtime for $11 a month and Fox Soccer Plus for $15 a month.

If you are a fan of local news, you will get three of the five major networks in your area.

DVR Capabilities

DVR comes at no extra cost, which is something that Sling TV cannot boast. Also, YouTube TV does not have storage limits much like FuboTV and Hulu. And unlike PlayStation Vue, whose DVR recordings expire within 28-days, you have nine months to watch while YouTube TV.

You also have a slew of playback features. YouTube TV allows for partial recordings, which means you can watch the recorded portion of a program while the show is still streaming and airing live. This service also comes with the ability to pause live TV and rewind through what you have already seen in the recording.

One pitfall is that YouTube swaps out DVR recordings with their On-Demand version. That means you will probably have to sit through 1 1/2 minutes of advertisements during what is normally commercial breaks that you can fast forward through. This was YouTube’s way to appease the major networks that agreed to sign on with this endeavor.

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