The Best Indoor Antennas of 2017

When you want to cut the cord, but still would like to get your local channels in HD, the easiest solution is to get an antenna for your your television. Antennas are also useful when your internet service goes out, you still have access to some television channels so whether it be for entertainment or emergency services, you will not be left in the dark.

Here we will explore the best indoor HD TV antennas and why they are worth the expense:

1. Mohu ReLeaf

Price: $43

Channels Received: 44

Range: 30 Miles

4K Reception: Yes

1080P Reception: Yes

For those TV viewers who want to get rid of the monthly cable bill and still receive their local stations, the Mohu ReLeaf is the $43 no-fuss, top-notch indoor antenna. It is made completely of recycled packaging and post-consumer recycled paper. Making this the most eco-friendly accessory for streaming media.

2. The RCA Ultra-Thin Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

Price: $60

Channels Received: 41

Range: 60 Miles

4K Reception: No

1080P Reception: Yes

The RCA Ultra-Thin Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna wins the reception category. Its 60-mile radius makes it ideal for those people who live in rural areas, It does cost a bit more, is not 4K compatible and does not receive as many channels as the Mohu, but if you just want HDTV that is reliable, this could be the antenna for you.   This Antenna is a bit bulky, but it is well worth it for working HDTV programming.

3. Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse Amplified Indoor HDTV

Price: $70

Channels Received: 25

Range: 50 Miles

4K Reception: Yes

1080P Reception: Yes

The Clearstream Direct is one of the most powerful HDTV antennas on the market. It offers a 50-mile radius and 4K capabilities. The price at $70 may be more than you are willing to pay for an antenna that looks like a frisbee and only picks up 25 channels, but the picture is of the highest quality. It is also very easy to hang with a non-stick adhesive backing, making it easy to stick to a window or painted wall. Whether you live in the country or the city, you will receive all of the channels that are offered in your area with this antenna, and they will all be high quality.

4. Terk Trinity Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna TRITVA

Price: $40

Channels Received: 34

Range: 60 Miles

4K Reception: Yes

1080P Reception: Yes

The Terk Trinity may be a bit bulky, but you cannot beat the price. This antenna is available at Walmart, making it an easy purchase. The Trinity offers picks up decent reception and has a larger range, so those who live in more rural areas have a higher chance of picking up all 34 channels. The multiple antennas make fine tuning reception even easier. The Trinity a solid choice, and those who buy it should not be disappointed.

5. HD Frequency Cable Cutter Mini

Price: $30

Channels Received: 17

Range: 25 Miles

4K Reception: No

1080P Reception: Yes

The HD Frequency Cable Cutter Mini offers something that the other antennas do not, and that is indoor/outdoor capabilities. It is easy to mount, and it is small. Its metal frame is just 11×9 Inches, making it easy to place anywhere. If you live in a larger city, and only need 17 channels, the price for this antenna cannot be beaten. The Mini is not the ideal antenna for those living in rural areas since the reception area is only 25 miles.

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