Streaming Issues During Mayweather-McGregor Fight Leads to Lawsuit

Things did not go smoothly for Showtime’s new streaming venture,, during the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor mega-fight on Saturday, August 26. There were tons of buffering issues that resulted in many people missing every second of the ten-round spectacle.

Paying $99.99 for the livestream, it is safe to say that many customers were unhappy with such a lackluster performance on Showtime’s part.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Showtime is being sued over

“unlawful trade practices and unjust enrichment.” 

The article also released the following, which was submitted to the federal court by attorney, Michael Fuller:

“Instead of being upfront with consumers about its new, untested, underpowered service, defendant caused likelihood of confusion and misunderstanding as to the source and quality of the HD video consumers would see on fight night.

“Defendant intentionally misrepresented the quality and grade of video consumers would see using its app, and knowingly failed to disclose that its system was defective with respect to the amount of bandwidth available, and that defendant’s service would materially fail to conform to the quality of HD video defendant promised.”

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