States Taking Net Neutrality into Their Own Hands

2018 might go down as the year the internet changed forever. Net neutrality has become jeopardized as the FCC ruled that mass media communications company can make decisions such as:

  • Which websites load faster and slower
  • If certain websites should cost the person browsing money
  • Data caps
  • Additional charges for excessive streaming

These regulations have upset customers, citizens, Amazon, and Netflix. Now, states are taking measures into their own hands. First up was Washington, whose bills will come into effect on June 6, 2018. Next up? Oregon.The Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, is signing a Net Neutrality Bill into effect to combat “paid prioritization.”

Brown stated,

“In Oregon, we want to make sure that access to the internet is a level playing field, instead of exacerbating economic disparity”.

Around two dozen states will be following suit, introducing similar bills to the house and Senate. While a voting date has not been set in stone, there are enough backers for these bills that will force the Senate to take part in a vote.

Following Oregon’s example, New York might become the next state to follow this lead.


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