Roku Still Banned in Mexico

Mexico is looking to fight piracy. In its attempt to do that, they have cracked down on sales of Roku devices in their country. This ban went into effect last year and the tech company has been fighting diligently in court to get sales reinstated. However, Roku has hit huge brick wall in this quest yesterday when a federal judge decided to uphold the ban. 

As many know, Roku is easy to jailbreak. From there, you can download legal (and illegal) torrent apps that gives you access to new releases, same-day episodes, and movies still in the theatres. 

A major television company, Cablevisión, started the uproar last year when they filed a civil suit that Roku allows access to pirating companies, Latamel Distribuidora and Compropago.

Spokesperson for Cablevisión, Maria Eugenia Zuria stated,

“Cablevision cannot allow the content that it licenses from domestic and foreign companies to be illegally used. We would also like Roku Inc to better supervise the use of its software so that it’s not used inappropriately.”

Following the judgment, Roku officials were not deterred. In a statement, the streaming device company stated,

“Due to this, we will double our efforts in search of new legal actions in order to restore the sales of the Roku devices in Mexico.”

Roku, who has teamed with Mexico to help fight piracy doesn’t understand why they are being singled out. In fact, they have long attested their devices or Roku TV cannot be hacked. They continued to state,

“Those behind this legal ruling have stated that Roku devices facilitate piracy. Quite the contrary. Roku does not allow its platform to be used with piracy intentions and, in fact, consistently takes action against piracy through its software and tools as well as alliances with other partners in the piracy entertainment industry.”


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