Prime Video Renews Lore

Amazon is going ahead with a second season of its Prime Original, Lore. Riding high off the Golden Globes success of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the delivery company-turned-streaming service is looking to secure more franchises.

While last season’ Lore did not gain the accolades of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, it still was a critically acclaimed series. This show is based off of the podcast hosted by Aaron Manhke, also named Lore. 

Lore looks into real-life disturbing tales. From there, it breaks down how these stories have evolved into the myths and legends told today.

Heather Schuster, the Head of Unscripted Series at Amazon Original spoke about the success of the show’s formula,

“Customers loved the first season of Lore for its unique blend of narrative and documentary storytelling, and we’re excited to give them another season of this suspenseful hybrid series. Sean brings great experience in the supernatural genre, and we’re excited for him to help us tell even more frightening and visually captivating stories.”

Co-Executive Producer, Gale Ann Hurd also weighed in, giving more insight on season two,

“As a fan of documentaries and horror, Lore resonates with me on so many levels. Season two is shaping up to be scarier and even more compelling and unnerving than our first one!”


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