Prime Day Deals for Cord Cutters is Coming


There are two things that cord cutters love–new gadgets and saving money. That’s why many of us look forward to Prime Day every year. Tentatively, Prime Day 2019 is July 15, 2019. In little than a month away, many of us are wondering what is going to be on sale that will make our cord-cutting lifestyle that much easier or fun. Let’s take a look at what they had last year and if it’s worth getting a Prime subscription just for Prime Day 2019.

What to Expect for Prime Day 2019?

We’re not 100 percent sure what is going to be for sale on Prime Day 2019. However, a lot of the same big tickets go on sale each year. So, it’s safe to say that last year’s prices last year will be around the same this year.

If the product is much older and is losing its luster, it may be cheaper. In the case it’s grown in popularity and there’s a huge demand, the price might be higher.

Nonetheless, you can expect savings around these price points, courtesy of cNet:

ProductCurrent price*Prime Day 2018 price
Cloud Cam$120$60See it at Amazon
Echo$80$70See it at Amazon
Echo Dot$30$30See it at Amazon
Fire 7 tablet$50$30See it at Amazon
Fire HD 8 tablet$80$50See it at Amazon
Fire HD 10 tablet$150$100See it at Amazon
Fire TV Cube$120$90See it at Amazon
Fire TV Recast$230$180See it at Amazon
Fire TV Stick$40$20See it at Amazon
Kindle Paperwhite$130$80See it at Amazon

Many of these products are staples in the households of cord-cutters. Therefore, if you don’t have Prime, should you sign up for Prime Day?

Should You Sign Up for Amazon Prime for Prime Day 2019?

While these are pretty good savings, you need to have an Amazon Prime subscription to take advantage of these prices. Therefore, to qualify for Prime Day 2019, you need to pay $119 or agree to shell out $13 per month over the next year.

With that being said, is $119 really worth it for saving $30 on a Fire TV Cube? Probably not. However, if you plan on buying a bunch of stuff, then it might be worth your while.

Perks of an Amazon Prime Subscription

For one, you will get free shipping, delivery within a couple of days, and the membership lasts all year. If the Prime Day 2019 deals aren’t enticing enough, you have a year of getting virtually anything in the world you could want in a matter of days.

Not to mention, the prices on Amazon are reasonable. Also, you can get deals like add-ons to orders over a certain amount. So, for many, the Amazon Prime subscription pays for itself in terms of convenience and decent deals.

Also, a Prime subscription gives you access to the Amazon streaming service. They have exclusive rights to the Emmy-award winning show Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

As the streaming wars continue to rage on, Amazon is looking to amp up their selections. They even decided to release their acquisition from Sundance, The Report, in movie theaters. So, as Amazon continues to grow, you can expect more content and perks as a member of their subscription service.

Long story short, no, you shouldn’t sign up for Amazon Prime for Prime Day, but you might want to consider it as a year-long investment.

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