PlayStation Vue Offers Explanation on DVR Limits

As cord-cutting continues to grow, one of the greatest features for any streaming service to woo somebody is DVR space. Let’s be for real. Sure, everyone loves the option having live TV. However, how many people truly watch anything live?

Many people like to stock up on favorites and binge them out on a rainy day. However, it is also easy to clog up your DVR with things you will never watch. That  is why the world was up in arms when PlayStation Vue updated their DVRs this past March.

There was a limitation placed on DVR storage that stated they would hold 500 hours worth of content, for 28 days. People were confused as to whether you would get 500 programs or 28 days. Now we can confirm that you can get up to 500 programs and each recording will last 28 days. Here’s the new update that PlayStation Vue released in their FAQ section:

This should clarify any confusion going forward.

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