PlayStation Vue Making Moves in their Teirs

In a move to perhaps offset the cost of the increasing number of local affiliates they have recently procured, PlayStation Vue has moved around some of their content from lower-priced tiers to more expensive ones.

The first move of the sort came recently with a shift in their sports packages. Not too long ago, PlayStation Vue took Fox Sports College and Eleven Sports from introductory tiers to the Sports Add-On package.

When this change happened, all DVR shows saved on those networks were wiped from customer’s queues unless they were subscribers to the Sports Add-On. Now, Fox College Sports and Sports Eleven joins the likes of:

  • ESPN Classic
  • LHN
  • NBC Sports
  • NESEN National
  • NFL Redzone
  • Outside TV
  • And More

The next move on PlayStation Vue has happened with the DIY Channel. This option is now only available to those who subscribe to either the Elite or Ultra Package.

Sony recently reached out to their PlayStation Vue subscribers, stating:

As of 01/10/2018, the DIY channel will move from the Access and Core plans to the Elite plan. When this change occurs, the live channel, On Demand TV, and DVR programming will no longer be available through the Access and Core plans. You may upgrade to Elite or Ultra before 01/10/2017 to retain access to the DIY channel programming and recorded DVR shows. Visit to learn more.



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