PlayStation Vue Boasts New DVR

In the world of cord-cutting, DVR is king. So much so that many companies are scrambling to deliver the best DVR service on the market. That is why Hulu has been improving their DVR. Meanwhile, DIRECTV NOW has been in an extensive beta testing phase for their DVR service. Now, PlayStation Vue is making some changes.

First, the gaming system-turned-streaming service introduced On-the-Go DVR. Now they are promoting that you can keep DVR recordings as long as you want them! Previously, PlayStation Vue’s DVR service only help recordings for 28 days. Now you have a 500 program limit.

This infographic recently popped up on the homepage of PlayStation Vue, confirming these details:

On top of that, another notable is change is the number of profiles you are allotted. The number has doubled from 5 to 10.


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