PlayStation Vue Becomes More Location-Friendly

PlayStation Vue has been making a lot of moves lately to become a more portable service. Now, they have rolled out one more feature that will make the experience even more personalized- location services. Previously, PlayStation Vue dictated your home location by either the billing address or the IP address you used to set up the service. If you moved out of the location you originally signed up for, PlayStation Vue would randomly pop up a message asking if you wanted to change your location.

If the pop up never happened, you were out of luck. Otherwise you would have to contact Sony, cancel your subscription, and re-sign up, causing you to lose all of your preferences and anything in your DVR queue.

This is no longer going to be an issue with a new PlayStation Vue update. In the app settings tab, you can set the current device you are on as your new home device. In turn, it will update your location. This makes it easier for you to stream local affiliates on PlayStation VuePlayStation Vue is still taking precautions to ensure that this privilege isn’t abused. While the number is not confirmed, the streaming service is limiting how many times you can make this change.

This new update will be available on:

  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • Roku
  • PlayStation




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