September’s look at the best of Hulu’s Best Original Series

Hulu is well-known for their variety of original series. From comedies to thrillers to dramas, Hulu has one of everything for someone. With more than five original series under its wing, they are adding five more that look just as great as the others. We will give you an inside scoop on Hulu originals both past and present to help you avoid that dreaded 30 minute search when you are trying to find something to watch.

Current Hulu original series include:

  • Resident Advisors – A Resident Advisor in his 30s seems to be destined for the college life – forever. Though only seven episodes, it is still a good one!
  • The Path – Looking for a good drama series? This is it. It is two seasons in and follows members of a cult-like religion. Twists and turns await the viewers as you never know what is going to happen next!
  • The Mindy Project – It may have failed on FOX after three seasons, but Hulu swooped in and saved the show. Anything with Mindy Kaling though doesn’t exactly need saving – (have you seen The Office?). Hulu brought us two additional seasons and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Difficult People – This comedy series follows along two comedians who are horrible people, but their connection is hilarious. You won’t be able to stop laughing once you begin this series.
  • Casual – If you are in need of a show to binge watch over a weekend, this is the show. Drama and comedy combine to pull off a hilariously relatable two-season show that will have you telling yourself, “I do that” and “Yep, I do that too!”

Coming soon to Hulu:

Chance – Featuring Hugh Laurie as its main character, this Hulu original will hit screens October 10. With a two-season order Chance, based on a book, follows the main character, Eldon Chance as his life becomes chaos following his affair with a patient. Science, drama and romance are everything you’re in for!

Shut Eye – Described as “a magician begins believing his own tricks,” Shut Eye is a psychic, dramatic thriller that premieres in December. A scammer with fortune-telling abilities lets us take a look at the underground con artist business that exists.

Citizen – This supernatural drama stars musician Tom Waits who runs a guerilla humanitarian outfit from his church that may or may not be legal.

The Handmaid’s Tale – A handmaid trying to survive in a male-dominant society reveals the struggles and triumphs women go through every day. The series is set to premiere in 2017.

Dimension 404 – Glee star Lea Michele stars in a science fiction drama six-episode series. Each hour-long episode is essentially its own series with a variety of stars featured including Joel McHale, Sarah Hyland and more. Inspired by the internet’s 404 error code, the series are a bunch of stories that cannot be explained in a world we don’t know about yet.

So many options just in time for winter when the best thing to do is be snuggled up on your couch, by a fire and a plethora of TV shows and movies to choose from! Hulu is bringing you top-notch movies and TV series in drama, romance, thriller and comedy.

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