No More Beta Testers Wanted for DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW is getting ready for some big moves. One major indication? They are no longer accepting beta testers for some upcoming roll-outs.

Just earlier this year, the AT&T-owned streaming service was still looking for people to sign up, even reaching out to those with a Fire TV. From there, they rolled out their beta app to even more services as DIRECTV NOW touted that they were getting ready to make changes to their upcoming Cloud DVR.  However, many feared this beta process was going to drag out after AT&T announced some delays for their roll-out.

Now, delay time may be over. For anyone trying to sign up for DIRECTV NOW’s beta service, the following message pops up:With spring coming up, DIRECTV NOW is rumored (although, practically confirmed) to have feature the following changes:


As part of the new DVR service, DIRECTV NOW is also rolling out a refreshed app. This is an all new look with updated guide.

Optional Third Stream

Two streams just not cutting it for you? Soon you will be able to buy a third stream allowing you to watch on three devices at once.


As best we can tell DIRECTV NOW will come with 20 hours of DVR storage. If you want more storage, you will be able to buy extra storage.

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