New Shows Coming to Hulu in 2019

Hulu is coming at Netflix’s crown as the top streaming service. In this coming month, Hulu is ramping up the number of movies they are releasing. Movies weren’t always Hulu forte but the streaming giant is looking to try out new things. This includes creating new content.

The streaming service will be partnering with the following powerhouses in media:

  • Majordomo Media – Owned by David Chang
  • Suit & Thai Productions – Owned by Chrissy Teigen
  • Vox Media Studios

These three production studios are partnering with Hulu to create a niche content that centers around the food industry. This new endeavor will be titled Hulu Kitchen.

What is Hulu Kitchen?

Hulu Kitchen is a haven where foodies can unite. There will be a line of content that will feature popular food personalities throughout the different realms we consume entertainment.

Talent expected to partake in Hulu Kitchen include:

  • Celebrity Chefs
  • Home Cooks
  • Mainstream Kitchen Icons
  • Influencers
  • Chrissy Teigen
  • David Chang

While the details are still in preliminary stages, there has been some rumors, rumblings, and contract signing already. Let’s dig a little deeper into what you can expect with the upcoming launch of Hulu Kitchen.

What Will Be On Hulu Kitchen?

Hulu has been announcing a lot of exciting productions coming out this year. However, they’re just starting to get the buzz going. So, only some details are available at the moment. As this story unfolds, we will continue to update you. Let’s get into what we know.

Chrissy and David Working Together on Hulu Kitchen

One confirmed show will be a collaboration between investors David Chang and Chrissy Tiegen. The restaurateur teams up with the author (and Twitter savage) to create a show called Family Style.

Hulu produced a thread on their Twitter account where they continue to announce what you can expect to come in 2019. One of the standouts was the Chrissy and David collaboration.

Here is the official Tweet from the streaming giant:

We can handle the heat, so we’re heading into the kitchen. We’re cooking up a brand new show with @DavidChang and @ChrissyTeigen.— hulu (@hulu) May 1, 2019

This show will focus on how food brings people together. Each episode will dive into the cultural appreciation we have for food. They will discuss the symbolic meaning of gathering together around the table, how it’s a moment for people to talk. It was focus on actual family and friends who express their love to one another through their culinary talents.

This all makes sense now. Chrissy Teigen has been hinting a new project and tagging David Chang over the last few months. One post goes as far as back 13 weeks ago.

Vox Media Production with Hulu Kitchen

In addition to the Chrissy and David production, Vox Media Studios will turn to it’s Eater division to create content for Hulu Kitchen. Eater is a department of Vox Media that specializes in food and travel. They are going to put their expertise to good use in a documentary in the works known as Eater’s Guide to the World.

There are many more announcements on the official Hulu Twitteraccount. Keep checking out the pinned Tweet to get more info.

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