New Roku TVs on the Way

Smart TVs are all the rage, and for Magnavox, their brand of televisions just got smarter. Funai Electric, the parent company of Magnavox, has announced a partnership with Roku to build smart TVs under the Magnavox banner. This is an extended partnership between Roku and Funai, as Roku is already brandished on select Funai brand televisions under the Philips label.

General Manager of Product Planning at Funai, Peter Swinkels, spoke about this new smart TV roll-out stating,

“Magnavox is a respected, 100-year-old American brand and remains an American-designed TV product line. With the launch of our Magnavox Roku TVs we bring the latest smart TV technology to this trusted brand. The Roku OS delivers a wide breadth of content, simple navigation and search, an easy-to-use remote and regular software updates so we can offer a great TV experience to our customers.”

Slated to release into stores some time this year, General Manager of Roku TV, Chas Smith, said,

“Just a couple of months ago we announced our partnership with Funai to market Philips Roku TVs, and now we’re happy to bring the Magnavox TV brand into the Roku TV® licensing program. Magnavox is recognized for its very long history of delivering quality and high-performance at a smart price, and will no doubt build a very compelling Roku TV for consumers.”


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