New 4K Apple TV Confirmation Is Coming Next Month

Mark your calendars. On September 12, 2017 Apple will be officially announcing a whole new line of  products. As confirmed by CNBC, the tech giant is expected to hold an event on the 12th which will serve as the unveiling for

  • New Apple Watch
  • 4k Apple TV
  • iPhones

Little is known about the Apple Watch, and while nothing is confirmed, there is a ton of speculation on the Apple TV.

4th Gen Apple TV

A 5th Gen Apple TV is believed to be in its 7th Beta Version, meaning it should be almost near Apple standards. As mentioned, this TV will support 4K and of course, HDR quality content. Therefore, expect a greater vibrancy in colors with more distinct contrasts.

There will also be a high-end iPhone 8, priced at approximately $1,000.

What gives this iPhone 8 such a hefty price tag is their new OLED panels. These encompass the entire frontend of the phone, and makes for a crisper picture on the screen.

Lesser confirmed rumors include the fingerprint reader being changed to the back of the device. The higher-end iPhone 8 also has the capability of face recognition due to a newly installed 3-D sensor located at the front of the device.

As a head up, Apple products usually go for sale a week or two following these announcement events.



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