Netflix Scores Biopic on Norwegian Terrorisdt

Amidst heavy bidding, Netflix has won the right to produce a movie about a Norwegian terrorist who murdered 77 people in 2011. With a $20 million budget, the streaming giant is putting Scott Rudin (No Country for Old Men, The Social Network, Fences) in place as producer alongside Greg Goodmanm (Jason Bourne, The Fantastic Four, X-Men: First Class) and Eli Bush (While We’re Young, Lady Bird, Top Five). 

On tap to direct is Paul Greengrass, who is also of the Bourne franchise. More notable, Greengrass directed the film, Bloody Sunday in 2002. This was about the Irish civil rights protest that ended in a massacre led by British troops on January 30, 1972.

This experience should play into this Netflix biopic that follows right-wing Christian extremist, Anders Behring Breivik. This murderer killed more people on a single day in Norway since World War II.

The story follows Breivik’s  journey as he detonates a fertilizer bomb outside of the prime minister headquarters. From there, he dressed in a police uniform and took a ferry ride to Utoya Island. It was on this island just miles away from Oslo that Breivik killed a bunch of teens attending a Labor Party Youth Camp. In his manifesto, the terrorist cited his distaste for Muslim immigration as his inspiration.

The terrorist was only given 21 years in prison, as the country does not carry out the death penalty.

Pre-production on this project is supposed to begin sometime next week.


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