Netflix Rolls out New Parental Controls

Mother with two children watching television

There is no doubt that not everything that is available on Netflix is suitable for young ones. With Netflix looking to release the equivalent of two shows or movies per day, it’s hard to keep up with what your children should and should not watch. Luckily, Netflix is looking to make these parental decisions much easier. The streaming giant has just released new parental control options. The Director of Enhanced Content at Netflix, Mike Hastings, spoke on these new roll-outs, stating,

“At Netflix, we offer a wide variety of series and films catering to an equally broad variety of tastes and sensibilities. With that in mind, we are improving some long-standing Netflix features that provide members with the information and tools they need to make wise decisions about what’s right for themselves and for their families. We’re rolling out these improvements across the many devices used by Netflix members, and across our global markets, in the coming months.”

First, there will be a new PIN parental control for specific shows or movies. If you know your kid might want to sneak in an episode of American Horror Story, you can make that show accessible only by use of a pin.

Now for those living a fast-paced life and didn’t read the ratings before going into a show or movie, they will pop as soon as it begins. For instance, this has already happened with the movie, Trolls:Hastings continued on,

“One of the great benefits of internet TV is that it allows for amazing variety and provides viewers with complete control over their experience. At Netflix, we are proud to create and deliver to our members a large catalog of compelling stories crossing many genres from all over the world, while also giving them great control over how and when to enjoy them. These latest steps are part of our continuous efforts to keep members better informed, and more in control, of what they and their families choose to watch and enjoy on Netflix.”

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