Netflix PIP Coming?

Multi-tasking is the future, at least that what Netflix thinks. Hey, they can’t be far off. After all, a recent Facebook study confirms that 94% of people watch television with another device in their hand. Distracted viewing is a reality and Netflix is looking to embrace it.

A Possible Netflix Pop-Up Viewer

Watching and listening to video while you scroll is not a new concept. In fact, YouTube and many news sites will auto-play videos. As you scroll, the video becomes a pop-up block that will follow you as journey up and down the webpage.

While this isn’t a novelty idea for desktop and laptop viewing, it’s a new case for mobile devices, smart TVs, or streaming devices. Netflix is looking to take the old school picture-in-picture concept that took 1990s televisions into the next millennium and combines it with the YouTube pop-ups of the 2000s to bring a 2020 experience.

Netflix Pop Up in Beta

The streaming giant isn’t just toying with this idea. In fact, they’ve already started to work on it. In some areas, Netflix is doing a soft launch with a beta testing version of the new in-app tool.

Here is an image of Netflix welcoming select people to this new service:

For those with access to Netflix beta privileges, here is how the new Netflix tool will work. You can launch it when you are inside the Netflix app. From there, opt for the Netflix pop-up window.

Once the Netflix pop-up window has been selected, you can then leave Netflix. However, the window will follow you. Until you close the actual window, you’ll be able to launch other apps or browse other websites.

Is Netflix Looking to Compete with Apple?

Netflix seems to be in a race with other streaming giants. They released this new feature on the exact same day that Apple toyed with the same concept. Today, Apple is testing a pop-out window for its tvOS platform. This sow rollout will be available on select Apple TV devices for the time being.

TvOS 13 is in its beta version at the moment. Markets are testing the application right now. The media giant is looking at later in the year for a potential mass roll-out.

Prior to the TvOS 13 beta phase, Apple attempted pop-up windows on iPads. This was done earlier in the year and to great success. Based on the feedback, they are now able to apply these changes to higher bandwidths and pixel rates. That’s why desktops and Apple TVs are starting to now offer beta testing options.

For Apple, users will launch TvOS 13 in full screen. Once you minimize the video, it will follow you around as you scroll through other apps. The thumbnail window they provide has full playback controls. You can play, pause, and change the volume while playing a game, accessing your smart home controls, or browsing local movie times!

There is no doubt that Apple’s iPad roll-out is the prototype for Netflix. What will they do to improve this feature? We’ll keep an eye out for you and report as soon as we hear any breaking news.

Are you a Netflix beta tester? Have you tried this new service? What are your thoughts? Let us and everyone else know in the comments below!

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