Netflix Expecting Some Major Dough

As the old saying goes, “You’ve gotta spend some money to make some money.” Netflix has sure spent a lot of money. Now, they are expecting to make a lot of money.

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, spoke to USA Today. The Executive projected that the streaming giant will topple last year’s $11 billion earnings.

His projected income for Netflix is $15 billion.

This further exemplifies the continued growth of cord-cutting. Netflix has seen continued growth:

  • 2016: + $8.3 billion, up 35% from year prior
  • 2017: + $11 billion, up 36%
  • 2018: Projected to be $15 billion, up 36%

So, they not only continued to grow dollar-wise, they have actually grown percentage-wise each year as well. While these numbers do not include the DVD service they still employ, the mailing service only accounts for $110 million of the $15 billion.

That is, if they truly do hit the $15 billion mark. This number is still just a projection. Either way, Netflix is trying to make that happen by providing content at an astonishingly quick rate in 2018. That is their way of getting back some of the now $8  billion they made as an investment in original content for the 2018 calendar year.



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