Netflix and Chill Meets the Mile High Club?

Netflix and Chilling may have just reached an all-new altitude. In-flight entertainment has come a long way since being the same movie on one screen that everybody had to watch. It has now become a much more customizable experience. Thanks to Netflix.

Although the popular streaming service is available during flight through some carriers already, it is not a commonplace. In order for most of the population to watch a Netflix exclusive on a flight, they have to download it to a device prior to their travel day.

However, Netflix is looking to change that. The media giant is in the process of rolling out an initiative that will utilize the company’s mobile device encoding technology to safely allow accessibility to Netflix. This is especially complex in cases where the aircraft does not receive strong access to satellite internet.

The other obstacle that has seemingly already been addressed is picture quality. When everyone imagines Netflix, they think of the crisp clear pictures of their 4K HDR stream at home.

However, that is simply not possible on an airplane. Netflix will use DVD quality (the one that bumped VHS out of the running as top dog) to stream on the small screen placed on the back of head rests. This requires a lower rate of 250Kbps.

Many flights with Wi-Fi available have banned the use of streaming services such as Hulu, Spotify, and Amazon, as well as Netflix. However, Netflix is looking to broker a partnership where the use of Netflix would not clog up the bandwith within the plane.

There is no solidified date set as to when this launch will happen. However, there are rumblings that the streaming giant will become more aggressive with moving forward in the next calendar year.

Would Netflix be your in-flight go-to? Sound off below!


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