MoviePass Puts Limits on Use

MoviePass offers a great deal for avid movie go-ers. For just $9.95 per month, you were able to see one movie a day. However, MoviePass quietly updated their Terms and Conditions on April 13, 2018. In this update, they severed their Unlimited Plan.As Chief Executive Officer of MoviePass, Mitch Lowe, stated,

“We just always try different things,” Lowe said. “Every time we try a new promotion, we never put a deadline on it.”

Under the new Terms and Conditions, MoviePass subscribers are allowed 4 movies per month. This is still incredible savings seeing as most movie ticket prices for one show is more than MoviePass for the whole month.

Additionally, the new Terms and Conditions states that the you can’t use the MoviePass on the same movie. So, you need to see 4 separate movies with your account.

MoviePass explained,

“We recently made some updates to our Terms of Service, including the policy that MoviePass subscribers are only permitted to see any movie in the theaters once with their MoviePass. This falls within our continued effort to limit fraud on our app and has been effective in doing so in the past.”

Also, new subscribers are eligible for a 3-month iHeartRadio All-Access trial. Here is the fine print details on the offer:

*Offer includes four movies a month with MoviePass and an extended, free 3-month iHeartRadio All-Access trial. Only available to new subscribers. Will be billed for the full three month plan at sign-up, then billed quarterly afterwards.


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