More Speculation on DIRECTV NOW DVR

We have known for a while that it is DIRECTV NOW’s intention to have a DVR service. In fact, “True Cloud DVR” popped up on bills of many subscribers without a charge. This led to rampant speculation that the DVR service would not be free.

However, we can all but confirm that 20 hours of DVR space is on AT&T. This is what pops up on the new DIRECTV NOW website:

Many believe after 20 hours, you an opt to purchase 100 hours at an additional fee.

Then more speculation about DIRECTV NOW started when they announced they would holding off on releasing their DVR system.

At one point the service was set to be released by February. As it became clear that this timeframe was not in the cards, the working release date was around springtime. Now, this is in question as well.

If you can’t wait for DVR from DIRECTV NOW, you might be able to get it as a beta tester. Click here to see if DIRECTV NOW beta testing is available in your market.


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