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As we’ve been following for a while, the House of the Mouse is going over-the-top in 2020. After all of their current deals with Netflix run its course, Disney will be starting up their own streaming service. While many speculate that classic television shows, movies, and franchises will be available in some sort of tiered platform, we can also confirm there will be original content.

Animated Shorts on Disney+

Content is king in the world of streaming. While Disney already has millions of hours worth, a 24-hour service is going to need even more. A practical solution is to offer up a bunch of animated shorts.

We can confirm that are three animated shorts on tap for the Disney+ service as of right now. However, the service is set to launch as early as Christmas this year with a full-on launch expected sometime in 2020.

Here is a little bit of info about the three animated shorts being created for the Disney+ streaming service.

Exchange Student

Natalie Nourigat will direct this animated short. Nourigat served as the story artist for the blockbuster film; Ralph Breaks the Internet. Prior to breaking box office records about movies breaking the internet, Natalie Nourigat drew comic books. She’s going to use that skill set as an inspiration when crafting the characters in Exchange Student.

In a bit of a sneak peek, Nourigat also said that she is seeking inspiration through watercolors. So, keep an eye out for light strokes and vibrant hues in this piece.

Jing Hua

This short is going to be directed by Jerry Huynh. Not only does Huynh have experience on Ralph Broke the Internet as a technical director, but he has another critically acclaimed Disney movie under his belt. The director of Jing Hua also served as the technical director for Moana.

Hua is going to implement a Chinese brushstroke to the animation in the film. This sort of delicate technique is very fitting for a film name Jing Hua. After all, the title translates to English as “Flower in the Mirror.”

Just a Thought

Evening out the trifecta is another Ralph alumni. This time the animator of Wreck-It Ralph will be the director of Just a Thought. Disney has tapped Brian Menz to move from behind the pen to behind the lens. This shift in the direction isn’t the first time Menz has worked at the House of the Mouse. He also served the production company as an animator for hits Frozen and Zootopia.

With Just a Thought, Menz plans to parlay his real-life experiences into the characters. He is drawing inspiration for his own self-described awkward preteen looks. Menz plans to blend that experience with a Sunday newspaper comic feel.

What to Expect on Disney+

All eyes are looking forward for the Disney+ streaming service. After the success Disney has seen with ESPN+, they are growing increasingly eager to roll out this initiative. It’s only a matter of time before their partnership with Netflix comes to an end and Disney free to do as they see fit. As we learn more about the Disney+ streaming service, we will continue to share the information with you.

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