Local Channels Popping Up Across Streaming Services

As more people are cutting the cord, local affiliates are starting to create stronger partnerships with streaming services. In the last week alone, over 100 local channels have become available on over-the-top cable providers. Here’s a list of which stations have been added to which services:

This past week, AT&T announced their intentions to release more ABC, NBC, and FOX affiliates through their DIRECTV NOW service. Since that announcement, a ton of ABC of NBC stations have become available, with FOX apparently still on the way. There has been no word on if DIRECTV NOW plans to make local CBS stations available as of right now.

fuboTV is renowned for its sports streams. However, the service recently announced that they will be bringing more variety of entertainment to their platform by partnering with CBS to bring aboard their local affiliates. This includes CBS as well as the entities they own, including CW Network.

Hulu has been steadily rolling out CBS affiliates through its Live TV service that is still in the beta stages. As of right now, over 40 local networks are available with seemingly more being dropped every day this past week.

PlayStation Vue is working exclusively with FOX as of right now, and has started adding local affiliates to their live stream. Most of the content owned by Sinclair Broadcasting and Tribune Broadcasting have already been updated.

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