In-Flight Streaming to be A Reality by 2020

Internet on flights have come a long way since Airplane Mode first became a matter of life and death. Now, the internet is almost readily available on all flights, much in thanks to the service GoGo Internet.
However, they come at additional charges because bandwidths are limited so high above. That makes streaming your favorite TV shows and movies a real headache for Netflix subscribers.
The streaming giant first began addressing these issues back in September when Netflix started negotiating to become readily available for those in-flight. Now, GoGo Internet has agreed to upgrade their networks. If this happens, not only will Netflix reap benefits, but Hulu and Amazon, as well as other streaming services, would become easier to access.
This upgrade is looking to happen across all big name airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, and United. As of press time, GoGo has already rolled out some of their improvements. For instance, on some flights you will have 20 times faster internet speed. With this increase, GoGo will lift the ban on streaming services. Therefore, you no longer need to download what you want to watch to your device prior to boarding certain flights.
As we mentioned, this process has already begun. GoGo feels confident that all of the flights they are associated with will have the faster speeds by 2020.


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