Hulu Gobbles Up Another Sponsorship

Hulu is making a hard play to become the top streaming service for sports. As we already announced this week, the streaming service has signed on to become the official sponsor for the NHL Playoffs and Stanley Cup. Following the success of March Madness on Hulu, they are making moves as the official sponsor for the NBA Playoffs. 

Hulu will be branded all throughout TNT’s NBA Programming that includes:

  • First Round
  • Conference Semifinals
  • Western Conference Finals

During these games, TNT will play a number of Hulu ads, which will be NBA-heavy. Throughout the programming, a bug touting, “Presented by Hulu” will be onscreen and the Hulu logo will be present on:

  • Opening Graphics
  • Custom Billboards
  • Custom Scoreboards

If you subscribe to Hulu Live, you will receive all of the channels that airing NBA games such as:

  • ABC
  • ESPN
  • TNT

The NBA is no stranger to cord-cutting themselves. They’ve become the most cord-cutter friendly league, even offering up Team Pass and League Pass through Sling TV.

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