Hulu Cracks Down on Account Sharing

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If you have been leaching off your friend’s Hulu account, you might need to start forking over your own $5.99 per month…or at least move in together. So, unless you’re not ready for that kind of lifetime commitment, you might want to get your own Hulu account. The streaming giant has cracked down on people sharing accounts and are using two ways to track you.

How Hulu Knows You Are Sharing an Account

Those who are used to having joint custody of a Hulu account, and didn’t have the auto-pay registered to their house, woke up to a surprise this morning. They found out that they could no longer stream Hulu in the house.

If you are not the primary profile on the account and tried to watch Hulu on a Smart TV, Roku, or Fire Stick, you were greeted with a message. This message was addressed to the person who actually is dubbed the primary profile on the account (aka, the person’s credit card footing the bill).

The person who owns the account is then informed that the zip code and IP address of the device streaming don’t match up to the one that’s on file. They then imply that you must’ve moved. If that’s the case, they want you to update the account to match the new IP address and zip code. That would then prohibit the person who actually does foot the bill from watching Hulu.

How can Hulu Subscribers Watch Hulu on the Go?

Did you log into your account on your boo’s smart TV, and are now wondering WTF? You’re not alone. Hulu has made it more difficult to watch their programming without being home. However, it’s not impossible.

In their breakup message to your leaching friend, Hulu explained that you can still access all Hulu content on a phone or tablet. While great, you can’t watch on a 4K television.

How to Watch Hulu Through Airpin

There is a workaround to this. Depending on the device you are using, it should cost around $3.00. Download the app, Airpin, from the app store of your device.

Once it’s installed, open the program. From there, connect your phone to mirror play on the television. This is a workaround and may result in a loss of picture quality. However, it’s the only way you can keep bucking the system and ride on your pal’s coattails.

Why is Hulu Cracking Down on Account Sharing?

The streaming wars have officially begun and it’s becoming a messy battle already. Disney recently purchased Hulu and is looking to launch their own streaming service.

As this is happening, all of the other major networks who were in with Hulu are going to leave slowly. This exodus will leave Hulu with more competition than ever. Hulu is trying to make as money as they can to hold them over until the war is officially firing on all cylinders.

If you are looking to save money and have Sprint, make sure you get your free Hulu. They will cover the $5.99 basic service. However, they’ll also kick in $5 toward the $44.99 Hulu Live TV, if you decide you want that option instead. As a Hulu Live TV member, you also get access to the vault of on-demand content in the $5.99 tier.

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