How to watch your local news when the cord has been cut!

A big question we get from our community is, “how can I watch my local news as a cord cutter?” No one wants to have to wait for any sort of live events or broadcasts, like news, to appear online. Here are a few ways that you can watch local news without cable:


Get An Antenna

If you’re a cord cutter, it’s a really good idea to get yourself an antenna. For most people in the continental US, having your own antenna will allow you to pick up any of your local news stations. But, before you go out buying an antenna, make sure you know what exactly you can pick up in your area using either an inside antenna or outside antenna. (Use to check what channels you can pick up with both antenna types.) Wouldn’t want you to go out and spend hard-earned money just to find out that you bought the wrong kind of antenna.


Streaming On Your TV

There are multiple streaming services you can possibly use to get your local channels over the air. Here are our top picks.




Or, if neither of these services have what you need, your local channel’s website or app might stream their news for free. Local channels have started using dedicated apps on Roku that might offer live streams too.


Live Stream On A Device

If there’s no way for your to stream the channels you want on your TV, you can check your local channel’s app, if they have one. Plenty of stations now have iOS and Android apps that stream their programming.

These are the best ways to watch local news without having to use a pay-TV service. We hope this article helped you in your cord-cutting!



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