How to watch the NFL Live without cable, streaming online!

How to Watch NFL Games Online After Your Cut the Cord

Cutting the cable cord always sounds like a great idea for multiple reasons – no more cable upcharges, no more giant cable bill and no more need to have a guide full of channels you don’t even watch. Then football season rolls around and you remember you don’t have cable… now how are you supposed to watch Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, college games on Saturday’s and NFL games on Sunday’s? It’s easier than you think. With options from Sling TV, PlayStation, Twitter, Yahoo and more, there are more than enough ways for you to get your football fix. Below we will explore each option so you can choose what is best for you.

Sling TV

Sling TV isn’t only ideal for sports fanatics, but for cord cutters in general. With three packages to choose from and additional add-ons for around $5 per month Sling TV can be the answer to your football prayers. Here is a brief breakdown of the packages offered:

  • Sling Orange
    • $20 per month
    • 25+ channels including ESPN and ESPN 2
  • Sling Blue
    • $25 per month
    • 40 + channels including Fox Sports Markets and NFL Network
  • Orange + Blue
    • $40 per month
    • All the channels in both the orange and blue sling packages

As a football fanatic, your best bet is going with the Blue or Orange + Blue package. Sling TV is always adding options for its users and the best part is that it is usually at no cost to the user. For example, Sling Blue recently added NFL Network to its package and it delivers, “Thursday Night Football games, popular shows such as NFL GameDay Morning, A Football Life, TIMELINE and the new morning show, Good Morning Football. Additionally, with NFL Network fans can watch live and delayed coverage of the entire slate of all 64 NFL preseason games.”

As a Sling user of any package you get access to the WatchESPN app for free. As of early September, you no longer need to login into the WatchESPN app to get the channels you are looking for. Instead, Sling added it as a channel in your package so you can watch it while you are already in the Sling app. The WatchESPN app gives you access to ESPN3 where you can get your college football and Monday Night Football fix. They also just added SEC Network+ to their add-on sports package (an additional $5 per month). The add-on sports package for $5 more per month gives you access to:

  • NFL RedZone which will broadcast every game on Sunday afternoon
  • Variety of ESPN channels

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue and PlayStation Vue Slim are two more options for football lovers around the world. If you have a PlayStation, Roku or Fire TV you can quickly and easily gain access to your favorite football games. For roughly the same price as a Sling TV package ($29.99 per month to be exact) you can stream CBS, FOX and NBC giving you access to your local football games. Of course, you will have to make sure your local market is on the broadcast list though. PlayStation Vue and the Slim package also offer you “TV Everywhere” login credentials.

Like Sling, Vue has added NFL Network and NFL RedZone to its offerings. Unlike Sling, these will cost you. If you want local channels broadcast it will cost you $39.99 per month and if you want NFL Network it will cost you $44.99 per month. If you have chosen a package with live broadcast channels you can watch Sunday afternoon football games on FOX, Sunday night football games on NBCSN and Monday night football games on ESPN. These options likely won’t be available if you have the PlayStation Vue Slim package.

Since PlayStation Vue gives you login credentials to “TV Everywhere” you can still get access to live broadcast games. You will have to use the FOX Sports Go app and NBC Sports Live Extra app with your TV Everywhere login to make this possible. Keep in mind that due to licensing restrictions you will have to use the apps on your computer or tablet, not your phone.

Another benefit to both packages of PlayStation Vue? You can record games on their DVR in the cloud and rewatch them for the next 30 days! This option is still cheaper than your monthly cable bill even though it is on the higher end.

Twitter, Yahoo and Using and Antenna

Twitter has joined the realm of live broadcasting and lucky for sports fanatics, that includes football games. This season, Twitter will live stream 10 Thursday Night Football games including week 2, 3, 5-7, 11 and 13-16. You can watch it on your phone, laptop or iPad, but even better – use Chromecast to watch it on your TV.

Yahoo will live stream all Sunday Night Football games on their website for the 2016 season. You can watch them on your mobile device, computer or iPad.

Using an antenna to watch your favorite football games is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get your football fix. With an antenna you can watch multiple games on Sunday’s, nationally broadcast Sunday Night Football games on NBC, your home team’s Monday Night Football game and 10 Thursday Night Football games on CBS and NBC. Keep the antenna up year-round to get access to all your favorite local networks – without having to pay for a cable bill.

Additional NFL Options

NFL Gamr Pass and NFL Sunday Ticket are two great, but pricey options when it comes to watching football, but there are also audio only options. Here are a variety of additional options to choose from for both NFL Football games and College Football games:

  • NFL GamePass – NFL GamePass has a $30 Audio Pass and $70 NFL Game Rewind. The Audio Pass allows fans to listen to all regular season games live. The Rewind Package provides customers with HD on-demand service of any pre-recorded games. Fans can purchase the Audio Pass, NFL Game Rewind, or both.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket – This option starts out at $200 per football season and only allows fans to access football games on a mobile device or computer. You can always use an HDMI cord or Chromecast to broadcast it on your TV.
  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio – The SIRIUS NFL Radio 24/7 radio channel is 100 percent devoted to professional football. Channel 88, complimentary with your SIRIUS subscription, does live play-by-play radio coverage, an analysis of every game, discussion of injuries and trades, fantasy updates and a look at the upcoming games.
  • TuneIn – Download the TuneIn app on your smartphone or tablet for live play-by-play coverage. Audio feeds are available for every football game including preseason, regular season, postseason and the SuperBowl for $7.99 per month.
  • Watch on your phone – NFL season is a great time to be a Verizon member. All Verizon customers can download the NFL Mobile app and watch all live NFL games on their phone – and not just Sunday games! Monday Night football and Thursday Night football are included!
  • College Sports Live – This live sports streaming service is $9.95 per month or $99.95 for an entire year.

The big question is: how do I watch the Playoffs and the SuperBowl? In 2015, CBS streamed both the Playoffs and SuperBowl for free on its website and the CBS Sports app. An antenna will also give you access to both as will NFL GamePass.

It is worth noting that the options can only get better from here. Considering cutting cable is fairly new, you have a wide variety of options to choose from at a price that will likely fit your budget. In the future, expect prices to drop and options to increase so football fans everywhere can get their three-night-a-week football fix and college football fix.

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