How to watch the emmys when you don’t have cable for next year!

We all want to watch the Emmys, right? Why should us cord cutters be excluded from watching the awards show live, especially when streaming companies have plenty of shows winning awards? We’re here to help you out, giving you 3 ways to watch the Emmy’s without subscribing to cable.

The ABC App

ABC has announced that they stream the Emmys on their app and website, Unfortunately, you’ll need a provider login to access it. Cord cutters have the option here to use a friends login, through. The difficulty of this option is why it’s the worst way to watch the Emmys on this list.

Sling TV Or Playstation Vue

Sony and Sling give you two more options here. Each service operates on monthly subscriptions. The two streaming services let you watch live cable channels, but without cables. Without watching through traditional cable means, just access either service through any device.

Watch Live Using An Antenna

The best way to watch the Emmys without a cable provider is to use an over-the-air antenna. The Emmys are broadcast live on CTV and ABC in Canada and the US respectively. This is the best way simply because it’s free. Just optimize your antenna placement, and enjoy the Emmys in HD. For this to work well, though, first make sure your area can receive a solid signal from one of the two broadcasters. Also, make sure you choose the best antenna for your particular situation.

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