How to Cut the Cord on a Budget

For many, cutting the cord is about lowering their expenses. Cable bills have gotten astronomical and for millions, enough has become enough. Unfortunately, cutting the cord comes with a bit of sacrifice. You might not be able to live stream some of your favorite shows. Others might not be available within a tier that’s around your budget.

These sacrifices make cutting the cord difficult. In turn, people add-on all these extras to their streaming service. Before you know it, a la carte TV has become just as expensive as cable with live TV and DVR. Don’t cave in. The cable companies are trying to suffocate you back into the system. However, there are ways around it. Here are some of the cheapest way to navigate the cord cutting waters when you’re broke AF.

Cutting the Cord with Hulu

Hulu is the cord cutting gods’ “thank you” for being patient. You can get almost every popular show from the major networks (sans CBS), within a day of airing.

It’s almost like having DVR, except you don’t have to fast forward through the commercials. They just play one at the beginning and one at the end that no one sits through. Not to mention, the ad breaks are only 90 seconds. That is far more tolerable than the three to five minutes on cable programming.

Besides being convenient for present-day content, Hulu is also the cheapest. Their lowest tier is $5.99. It’s when you upgrade to live television where things get expensive. Hulu with Live TV is $44.99 per month.

They carry many network affiliates, but they might not be available for DVR recording. In addition, you can opt to buy HBO and Showtime add-ons. At this point, you are nearing the price of a regular cable package.

Cutting the Cord with Philo

If live television is of the utmost importance than subscribing to Philo will be your cheapest option. You can get this live streaming service for as low as $16 per month. Philo is ideal for those who enjoy entertainment and lifestyle channels as they boast stations such as:

  • MTV
  • Lifetime
  • Comedy Central
  • BBC News
  • Cheddar

Philo has 44 channels. While not as robust as other services, they offer you unlimited DVR space up to thirty days.

Cutting the Cord with Sling TV

If Hulu with Live TV is too much and Philo doesn’t have enough options, then Sling TV might be the best bet for the money-conscious cord cutter. Sling TV offers video packages that range from $25 to $40.

Based on your plan, you can most likely get your NBC and FOX local affiliates. In addition, you can gain access to coveted cable channels such as ESPN, the NFL Network, USA, and FX.

Signing up for Sling TV is what is so alluring for cord cutters. Not only do you get a seven-day free trial, but they have introductory rates of $15 per month. If you pay for three months upfront, you get started off with savings before converting to their $25 plan automatically. This option is a great way to dip your toes in the water before committing to Sling TV.

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