How to Catch the Kentucky Derby as a Cord-Cutter

On your marks, get set, go! Set your calendars for May 4, 2018 at 2:30 PM EST because the Kentucky Derby is almost here! Time to dust off your most ridiculously big hat and set your device up to watch the race without an overpriced cable package.

Seeing as sports is the number one reason people are hesitant to cut the cord, the top streaming services are doing everything they can to accommodate the worries of sports fanatics. That is why this year is easier than ever to watch the Kentucky Derby if you’re a cord-cutter. Here’s how!

How to Watch the Kentucky Derby Without Cable Packages

As with most years, the Kentucky Derby will be airing on NBC. This is great news for anyone who doesn’t want to pony up for an expensive TV package. NBC is a part of your basic cable deal. Therefore, those who have the cheapest tier in their cable lineup with still have viewing access to the biggest race of the year.

Since the Kentucky Derby is taking place on one of the big four networks, that means it’s also available for interception through an antenna. There are many antennas that will do the trick for you because NBC is a pretty easy signal to catch. If you are unsure of where to point your antenna, how to use it, or if your region will have the telecast available for the interception, check out

How to Watch Kentucky Derby With a Streaming Service

While antennas have grown in popularity among cord-cutters, it’s still not the most ideal way to stream television. Taking logistics of getting the antenna set up properly out of the equation, many people are already subscribed to services that carry NBC.

NBC is one of the most common networks. It has some of the most popular weekly programmings and is a powerhouse for live entertainment such as the Kentucky Derby. Therefore, many streaming services are who are trying to appease the live event enthusiasts will be sure to have NBC as a prominent member of their lineup.

Kentucky Debry on Hulu Live TV

One of the easiest ways to catch the Kentucky Derby would be on Hulu Live TV. NBC is one of the primary stock owners in Hulu. Therefore, you are guaranteed a quality streaming experience without any technical glitches or drop in downloading speed.

You can be assured that the server will be able to handle the influx of bandwidth during such a popular event much better than some of the other options. You can get Hulu Live TV for $44.99. New subscribers also get a one-week free trial. Kentucky Derby Day is not a bad time to sign up!

Kentucky Derby on YouTube TV

The cheapest of your options to catch the Kentucky Derby this weekend is with YouTube TV. NBC is a normal part of their lineup, which is at a very affordable $39.99 per month. With YouTubeTV announcing 13 free MLB games next year, this might be the most attractive streaming service for sports fans.

Kentucky Derby on PlayStation Vue

This is probably the least cost-effective option of the bunch. PlayStation Vue comes with a monthly price tag of $45. They also only offer a five-day free trial. This makes them 1 cent more expensive with a trial period that is two days shorter than Hulu Live TV.

Kentucky Derby on fubo TV

fubo TV is still trying to carve out its niche in the streaming world. While it’s library is still continuing to grow, NBC has been a staple since the beginning. While fubo TV may prove to be the cheapest option, it’s not available at all markets. Make sure you research and see fubo TV carries your local NBC affiliate before signing up for the Kentucky Derby.

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