Here is the Official GLOW Season 2 Release Date

Ever since Netflix dropped Glow in June 2017, the show has become a major hit for the streaming service. Now it’s been almost a year, and we finally have a release date for the second season. The show comes back on June 29, 2018.

Here is the official Date Announcement/Teaser from Netflix:

The first season left off at the first TV taping of the women’s professional wrestling league that the show is named after, GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). Nobody knew if Debbie would show up for the pilot episode of this wrestling league and she did, to face Ruth, her best friend who slept with her husband. Season 2 picks up right where the show left off with Debbie and Ruth are at each others’ throats.

Also, the whole cast learns how to balance their personal lives with their newfound fame. So, set your reminders on your phones – June 29, 2018- Glow returns!



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