Google Fiber Connecting North Carolina

Having trouble in browsing your favourite TV show or movie? Well not anymore because #FiberiscomingtotheTriangle. So all the inhabitants of Morrisville fuel up your cars, and be ready to sign up for Google Fiber, as it has recently made an announcement on Twitter that  the sign-up process is starting in the Morrisville, North Carolina in the area of ‘Triangle’.

But what is this Google Fiber? It is Fiber to the home service in the United States of America. It caters broadband Internet and cable Television facility to your place. Google Fiber claims to be a different kind of Internet and Television in terms of quality.

Google Fiber was launched in December 2012, and initially introduced the facility to the city of Kansas. Within the first three years the services were extended to 20 suburban areas of Kansas City. Google Fiber is progressing day by day and expanding its ‘Fiber huts’ in all directions of the United States of America, like, Cary , Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, and Morrisville, Carrboro, and Garner.  Essential providers in the areas are AT&T and Charter Communications.

Each Fiber hut is 28 feet long and 9 feet tall, and serves as the backbone of the network that delivers a mix of gigabit broadband and pays TV services. Google Fiber has also built and organized services according to the demand of the model. It plans to set up more than 5,700 miles of Fiber and install 26 Fiber huts in different areas.

Google Fiber is starting its services in Morrisville, which is a town between Raleigh and Durham. Erik Garr, head of operation in the Triangle for Google Fiber told The News & Observer, that Morrisville is basically the home of the provider’s ‘digital backbone’.

Sign-up in Morrisville is opened till November 1 2016. It is an amazing chance for you to check your address and get started with Google Fiber. You can also be among the first lucky people to sign up in Morrisville. The most exciting part is that Google Fiber is offering different plans for residential use, and small businesses.

If you cater a small business venture, then you must check out Google Fiber’s mouth watering offers. You will get the bandwidth of speed 1,000 Mbps which you can easily share with everyone at work. Your downloads and uploads will no longer be interrupted due to poor internet speed. So hurry up and check your address to sign up. Fiber is also available in thousands of apartments across the Triangle; Treybrooke at the Park in Morrisville already has Fiber installed.

For personal use Google Fiber is offering 1- gigstandslone broadband for $70 per month (wohoo) or 1- gig plus pay TV, which is started from $140 per month not only this, but also a standalone 100 Mbps service only for $50 per month. People can easily add phone for an additional $10 per month.

As Google Fiber is progressing there are some rumours in the market that its operations could be reduced and expansion plans restricted, because it is providing potentially less expensive wireless services.

Now you can watch more 220 channels on your TV with Google Fiber, including HD and hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows on demand. Google Fibre will keep on providing remarkable services to multiple cities.

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