Get a FREE PlayStation Vue Upgrade

Thinking about making a move to upgrade to the Elite tier for PlayStation Vue? Now might just be the time! Right now, the streaming service is giving away a free upgrade to join its Elite package. While this sounds like a great deal, don’t wait for a formal invitation. PlayStation Vue is rewarding this loyalty quietly. No e-mail warning about this new deal was issued. Instead, take a look at your PlayStation Vue interface and look for any additional channels in your lineup.

With this upgrade, the normally $54.99 per month plan is the same price of your current one. Now you will receive over 90 HD channels. Once this offer expires, subscribers will return back to their normal plans. Rumor has it, this upgrade will continue through July of 2018.

While many are eligible for the upgrade, the exact ramifications are unclear. It seems as if subscribers have been selected at random. However, there is speculation that those benefiting are Slim members, who are anticipating a price increase in the coming months.


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