fubo TV is Looking for Growth

The cord-cutting industry is growing by leaps and bounds. People continue to unhinge themselves from lofty cable bills. Unfortunately, those bills are only expected to increase. Seeing this trend increasing at a rapid pace, many streaming services started popping up.

Once the success of these streaming services took off, they turned to live streaming television. The reason being is that streaming services found that the number one reason people were not cutting the cord was due to wanting local news and sports.

Now a race is on between all the streaming services as they fight for the most local affiliates.

These services include:

Looking to jump in the battle, a quiet contender who has always been in it- fuboTV.fuboTV is looking to grow as they have expanded to now have 400 local affiliates join their lineup. They provided details as to what their reach breaks down to:

  • FOX coverage in 82% of U.S. households, including 20 of the top 20 markets and 46 of the top 50 (112 total markets)
  • NBC coverage in 72% of U.S. households, including 19 of the top 20 markets and 42 of the top 50 (73 total markets)
  • CBS coverage in 67% of U.S. households, including 20 of the top 20 markets and 35 of the top 50 (61 total markets)

While that adds up to 246 markets, they do have rights to 400. fuboTV has not confirmed which affiliates they will be just yet.


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