Fire TV Users Can Now Get DIRECTV NOW DVR Beta

If you have a DIRECTV NOW account and are interested in checking out any of their Beta Testers, including DVR, this option is now available on 2nd generation Fire TVs. We repeat, only 2nd generation Fire TVs, so this is not available for the Fire Stick…at least for now.

The DVR beta service has only been available on a few select devices. Originally, this was the offer:

Those who are on the DIRECTV NOW Beta Tester e-mail list received the following statement from the company, inviting them to try their new venture out on the 2nd Gen Fire TV. Here is the exact e-mail that was sent:

Hello Testers,

Kicking off the new year to a good start!  We’d like to invite everybody with a 2nd generation Fire TV device to start beta testing.  Please see below for instructions on how to get started.  If you’re already testing on Fire TV, please disregard this message and keep on testing – we appreciate your feedback!

How to download the beta app to your compatible Fire TV device

Keep in mind that the Fire TV experience is not as far along as the other devices you’ve been testing, but it’s close!  We need your feedback to help make improvements, so test away!  Please note that the beta app is only compatible with 2nd generation Fire TV devices.

  1. From your compatible 2nd Gen Fire TV device, navigate to search and type exactly “directv now” and hit select from the results
  2. Once results start appearing scroll to the right, then select the DIRECTV NOW Beta (invite only) app
  3. Once redirected to the beta app page, select “Get Free to download”
  4. After the beta app has downloaded, open the app and login with the User ID/Password you’ve already been testing with.

If you have trouble downloading the app, please get help from one of our DIRECTV NOW CARE agents.  Just click here and select the ‘Chat available’ link at the bottom.  Don’t forget to let your CARE agent know that you’re a DIRECTV NOW Beta tester.

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