Facebook Venturing Into Streaming

Facebook knows a thing or two about going “live.” Fully aware that people are constantly reloading their feeds and offering their two cents on breaking news, it’s only logical for Facebook to introduce streaming video to its platform.

The social media giant is looking to roll out a new video tab this month called, “Watch.” The idea behind the concept of Watch is to release exclusive short-form content from partners such as WWE and A&E through the Facebook platform. They also intend on covering real-time events that currently have the world buzzing such as MLB Live.


With Facebook, it’s all about sharing your experiences with your followers. Users can make watch lists, showcasing their favorite shows while making them readily accessible for their own viewing pleasures. The Watch tab will also include a “Friends Are Watching” and “Most Talked About” algorithm, so viewers can remain “in-the-know” as to what their inner circles are chatting about.

This new project is being created in order to counter the decreasing number of younger users on the platform. Facebook is hoping to get younger people engaged on the social media site, stay on for longer periods of time, and find a reason to come back.

The Watch tab is still in beta stages. A small percentage of people already received access to the tab when Facebook offered an update this past Thursday. In the coming weeks, more people will be able to access Watch via app updates. Eventually, Facebook Watch will make its way to desktops and smart TVs.


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