Even More News on Disney’s Cord-Cutting Future

The House of the Mouse is making a lot of rumblings in the cord-cutting world. Ever since Disney started pulling their content off of different platforms, such as Netflix, many have been waiting for Disney to roll-out with their own streaming service.

What we do know about Disney’s upcoming services is that there will be more than one.

First, there’s an ESPN based service called ESPN Plus.As we reported yesterday, the first show confirmed for the platform includes Kobe Bryant hosting a show about NBA rookies. Now, we also have learned that the service will launch in 2019 and will contain content that does not air on ESPN and ESPN 2.

Then, Disney will also have a family-friendly streaming service that contains new releases, originals, and classics. Lastly, the media giant is also kicking around a more adult-oriented service that would include content from their Marvel franchises.

Disney CEO, Bob Iger, shed a little more light on what to expect in the coming year from Disney’s cord-cutting attempts,

“We are strategically positioning our businesses for the future, creating a more effective, global framework to serve consumers worldwide, increase growth, and maximize shareholder value. With our unparalleled Studio and Media Networks serving as content engines for the company, we are combining the management of our direct-to-consumer distribution platforms, technology and international operations to deliver the entertainment and sports content consumers around the world want most, with more choice, personalization and convenience than ever before.”


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