ESPN Striking Deals for Upcoming Streaming Service

All streaming services are fully aware just how important sports are to television viewers. Perhaps nobody knows more so than the company responsible for the overpriced cable packages that has people cutting the cord in droves–ESPN.  In fact, Nielsen Family Ratings reports that ESPN has lost 2.8 million subscribers since 2016.

President of Global Sales and Marketing for ESPN, Ed Erhardt, spoke on this new initiative stating,

“As sports has evolved, we have an opportunity now to speak to a wider audience than just necessarily men. Today’s sports fan is more diverse, clearly more female [and] more interested in a wide variety of sports.”

The Wall Street Journal recently published a story looking at what this streaming service may entail. The WSJ unveiled that ESPN signed a deal to stream live games of Major League Baseball (MLB) as well as the National Hockey League (NHL).

With the knowledge that their network is fledgling, just one year ago ESPN announced their intentions of creating a streaming service. Granted, it will not be actual ESPN channels currently on cable. If you are looking to watch actual ESPN Networks as they air on cable, services such as DIRECTV NOW, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, and Sling TV have your answers. However, this streaming service will carry additional sports.

ESPN is looking to launch this service sometime in 2018.




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