DIRECTV NOW Snuffing Out Superbowl Concerns Ahead of Time

As live sporting events being streamed is still a medium in its infancy, many cord-cutters are concerned about buffering issues and overloading the system during the Big Game. This was a huge problem for those who tried streaming the Game of Thrones premiere on DIRECTV NOW last year.

Being one of the few streaming services offering the Superbowl live, DIRECTV NOW is doing everything in its power to ensure the same snafu doesn’t occur during what is arguably the most watched program of the year.

Ahead of the live event, DIRECTV NOW sent an e-mail out to their subscribers telling them that there will be a second NBC stream added to the DIRECTV NOW guide.

This second stream will be an exact replica of the first one. Having two feeds is being done to better handle the anticipated influx of subscribers logging in to watch the exact same event. Therefore, it does not matter which feed you watch on.

Lastly, DIRECTV NOW reiterated that the event cannot be streamed through their app on smartphones. The company did not acquire the rights to stream the event onto a smartphone. If you have your hopes up on watching the Superbowl on your mobile device, you must download the NBC Sports app.

As DIRECTV NOW summed it up,


There will be a second stream available in your DIRECTV NOW program guide. You can switch to the second stream so you won’t miss a single play.

Save your smartphone for post-game selfies – it won’t let you stream this event.

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